Wakefield High National Art Honor Society

Welcome to WHS NAHS!

Officer Positions:

President(Laura Morgan): Develop creative new opportunities for NAHS and maintain successful traditions. Recruit new members, attend all events, lead others with grace and discipline. Organize agenda for each meeting. Organize hour opportunities.

Vice President : (Atmaja Lohar) Keep order at meetings. Fill in for and assist President with all activities. Plan art workshops for members. Seek out new opportunities for society. Engage with the community and assist event coordinators.

Secretary: (Mackenzie Book) Organize NAHS binder, create posters, keep up with membership attendance and hours. Work with Ms. King to monitor hours spreadsheet.

Event Coordinators (Allia Heikal, Ella Williams): Main job is community outreach, fundraising, and planning fun activities for members. Plan 1st Friday outings, assist VP with workshops, plan inductions and parties. Assist Social Media Director with photographing events and posting on social media.

Art Directors (Kara Vold, Fanny Ramirez, Carolyn Britsch): Plans and leads all murals, puts up art displays at school, bank and other local art shows. Hangs artwork in classroom for art teachers as needed.

Social Media Director (Emma Van Bergen, Nico Lopez): Weekly posts to WHS NAHS art instagram. Works directly with Ms. King to reach out to ALL art students with highlighted artwork of the week and community events.