Wakefield High National Art Honor Society

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Hours Form: Submit your hours here, you need 10 hours per semester!

Welcome to WHS NAHS

Advisor: Ms. Sara King, Visual Art Teacher

Officer Positions: Officers work as a team to keep the society running smoothly through the year. 

President: Develop creative new opportunities for NAHS and maintain successful traditions. Recruit new members, attend all events, lead others with grace and discipline. Organize agenda for each meeting. Organize hour opportunities. Coordinate with officers to ensure duties are being done. 

Vice President: Keep order at meetings. Fill in for and assist President with all activities. Plan art workshops for members. Seek out new opportunities for society. Engage with the community and assist event coordinators. Helps Art Director update bulletin board.  

Secretary: Organizes NAHS binder and NAHS Google Drive. Keeps up with membership attendance and hours through Google Forms. Organizes monthly reports to update officers and members of attendance and hours. Assists social media director with website as needed. 

Event Coordinator: Main job is planning community outreach, fundraising, and planning fun activities for members. Ex. First Friday outings, after-meeting activities, assisting VP with workshops, planning inductions and parties, including organizing food, drinks and supplies for parties. 

Art Director: Plans and leads all murals, puts up art displays at school, bank and other local art shows. Updates bulletin board monthly. 

Social Media Director: Weekly posts to WHS NAHS art instagram. Sends reminders for all meetings, activities, and information on Instagram, Remind and email list to keep members informed. Updates website as needed.