Hour Opportunities

Hours Form: Enter your hours here

Hours Update Spreadsheet: Here (if you have any questions/concerns about your hours you can ask our Secretary Salome Keza or Mrs. King *sakeza@students.wcpss.net)

How to Earn Hours

Throughout the year, there will be several ways you can easily earn hours to meet the requirements for NAHS. You must accrue 10 hours in the fall and 10 hours in the spring for a total of 20 hours during the school year.

We will have a running list of things you can do below to earn hours but here are some examples:

  • Attending art events

  • Participating in workshops/art-making activities through NAHS

  • Attending student-led workshops

  • Attending parties and bringing in supplies/materials

  • Cleaning/organizing classroom: Organize and fill glue bottles, sort and restack magazines, wash art tables in both art rooms, clean counters, wash out clay clothes

Keep a lookout on the Wakefield NAHS Instagram and the website for hour opportunities

Here Are A Few Hours Info/Updates:


  • Activity meetings - 1 hour

  • Murals- 1 hour each session (can have multi.)

  • Art Mural Sketches- 30 mins each sketch

  • Cleaning +organizing Art Rooms: How long you stay + picture proof

T- Shirt Forms & Fines

Thank you for all the submissions, we congradulate Niko Lopez as our final design choice! Fines are due in 2 different locations. First, submit this form with your t- shirt size. Second, please pay 12 $ to Mrs. King or the online payment website.

Art Murals In Progress

We will be working on multiple murals this year. You can earn hours by helping to design and paint murals throughout the year. (dates will be sent out through Remind)

Historical Monuments Cabinet Mural

We've been asked to come up with a history related design that can be painted on this cabinet. Mr. Atkinson feels it's too bright and plain. We have decided to do a variety of historical monuments all over the cabinet.

Here is a inspiration slideshow in case you need a refrence of the differnent monuments. If you begin one make sure your puting your best work forward, we want our best to show Mr. Atkinson!

Display Case For Curriculum Fair

Help us plan the Display Case in the Commons for the Curriculum Fair!! We are using blacklights and are going for an aquatic theme. By creating any exotic seacreatures, plants, etc. will help finish by our deadline, January 26th.

Art Hallway Mural

This year, we're looking at painting a baroque frame around our art display case. Once, outlined you can get hours from helping complete this project.

Student Services Mural

This mural still has tbt but be on the lookout for extra hours soon!

They are looking for something beautiful to look at, not necessarily education related. Sumbissions of sketch ideas count as hours too!