Hour Opportunities

Inktober 2021👻

Inktober is a fun and easy way to earn hours this month! You may do as many drawings as you would like, but for hours you may only receive up to 4 hours.

🎃Each drawing counts as 30 minutes

🎃Send them to our Instagram @wakefield_nahs to have your drawings featured!

How to Earn Hours

Throughout the year, there will be several ways you can easily earn hours to meet the requirements for NAHS. You must accrue 10 hours in the fall and 10 hours in the spring for a total of 20 hours during the school year.

We will have a running list of things you can do to earn hours but here are some examples:

  • Attending art events

  • Participating in workshops/art-making activities through NAHS

  • Attending student-led workshops

  • Attending parties and bringing in supplies/materials

  • Cleaning/organizing classroom.